Toronto Employment Lawyers – Monkhouse Law Firm

Monkhouse Law is a law firm founded by Toronto Employment Lawyer Andrew Monkhouse. The firm specializes in employment, labour, human resources and employment insurance law. Working for both employees, independent contractors, and employers Monkhouse Law strives to get the optimal results for each client through skilled advocacy and expert research on each matter.

We provide a 30 minute free consultation by phone with a member of our staff to discuss your legal options prior to retaining us.

Monkhouse law is a truly Canadian law firm that is uniquely positioned to help our clients achieve their ambitions in today’s challenging employment market. We provide comprehensive legal services with emphasis on wrongful terminations, workplace bullying, policy drafting, employment law, labour law, termination of employment, employee rights, job dismissals, termination letters, constructive dismissal, unjust dismissal and termination notice periods.

Monkhouse Law prides itself with finding creative solutions to clients issues regarding Canadian Employment Law. We will work for you no matter if your case is before the courts, labour arbitration, or the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

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