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Monkhouse Law is a law firm founded by Toronto Employment Lawyer Andrew Monkhouse. The firm specializes in employment, human resources, long-term disability and employment insurance law.

Working for employees, independent contractors and employers, Monkhouse Law strives to get the optimal results for each client through skilled advocacy and research on each matter.

Why Hire a Toronto Employment Lawyer

Those who have been treated unfairly at work or have recently been terminated understand the stress and difficulties associated with asserting their legal rights. Many employees attempt to deal with negotiating their employment matters on their own before involving a Lawyer, however, employees often may not see all the areas for improvement and may say or do things that negatively affect their potential claim.

A Toronto Labour Lawyer primarily deals with unionized employees whereas an Employment Lawyer mainly assists individuals not covered by a union or collective agreement. Both lawyers provide experience, knowledge, professional advice, as well as the comfort and ability to understand the legal process. He or she may also be familiar with the opposing side which could provide a strategic advantage as well as a professional edge. The lawyer knows the process and can navigate the case through the necessary avenues.

The areas of law are highly specialized and require a lawyer who concentrates in that specific area. The steps in submitting a claim are intricate, involve time limitations and strict policies/guidelines. An Employment or Labour Lawyer is aware of these aspects and can assist you to avoid unnecessary delays.


Employment and Labour Lawyers are educated and trained to understand your workplace matter, apply the legal concepts, use persuasive language and techniques and emphasize the important key points to a decision-maker or the opposing side.

The law is constantly developing, as new cases are decided everyday establishing new legal precedents and new laws are drafted by our legislature. These new laws can affect everything from how workers should be fired, hired, what policies they are subject to, what leaves they take and how they are paid. This knowledge and understanding will help you get a handle on your workplace issue and hopefully relieve the stress of your issue.

Ongoing Professional Advice

Legal advice relating to your job or small business is critical to the smooth functioning and fair practices in your workplace.

By retaining Monkhouse Law, a group of Toronto Employment Lawyers and Toronto Labour Lawyers, you will receive legal advice from a trained professional who will assist with your matter every step of the way. Your issues will be taken seriously, and you will have an opportunity to review and discuss your case to ensure you receive the best result for your individual circumstances.

All Toronto Employment Lawyers and Toronto Labour Lawyers are governed by the Law Society of Ontario. The Law Society of Ontario is a governing body that ensures the people of Ontario are served with the highest standards of learning, competence and professional conduct.

Don’t take any chances, contact a Toronto Employment Lawyer to help achieve the best results possible.

Ontario Employment Laws

Monkhouse Law prides itself on finding creative solutions to clients’ issues regarding Canadian Employment Law. We will work for you no matter if your case is before the courts, labour arbitration, or the Ontario Labour Relations Board.

We offer a FREE 30 Minute Consultation over the phone with a member of our staff to discuss your legal options as per Ontario Employment Laws prior to retaining us.

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