Allstate Class Action Investigation

Allstate Vacation Pay and Overtime Class Action – Under InvestigationMonkhouse Law Toronto Employment Lawyers Boardroom


Allstate Business Development Agents (BDA’s) may be owed money for overtime and vacation pay.

Monkhouse Law seeks a lead Plaintiff for a contemplated class action regarding Allstate.

Monkhouse Law is investigating a class action against Allstate Insurance Company (“Allstate”) in connection with the alleged uncompensated overtime and shortchanging of vacation pay of commissioned insurance advisors.

The claim has not yet been proven in Court, and Monkhouse Law is actively seeking an employee willing to assist with pursuing a this claim.

Unpaid overtime

Commissioned employees are owed overtime in Ontario generally. It is alleged that commissioned insurance advisors at Allstate are required or incentivized to work overtime to meet the demands of their jobs. Alternatively, it is alleged commissioned insurance advisors are incentivized to work excess hours in order to advance to a higher commission percentage rate. Allstate potentially fails to pay for the overtime work, and if true this would be a contravention of the Employment Standards Act, 2000 under which they are regulated. If it was shown in court that Allstate failed to compensate their commissioned insurance advisors for overtime worked, substantial back pay might be owed.

Underpaid vacation pay

Commissioned employees should be receiving statutory payments for vacation pay on their total compensation (inclusive of commissions), not solely on their base salary. If this has not been done then as a result commissioned insurance advisors could be owed back pay.

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Toronto-based Monkhouse Law has a strong history of representing employees in class actions including having started the first Canadian contractor misclassification case in 2015, Sondhi v Deloitte and the recent case against RBC Insurance under similar grounds to that of Allstate, being Singh v. RBC Insurance.

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