Employment Law Advice For Employers

Andrew Monkhouse, Employment Lawyer, gives employment law advice for employers. Here are 3 tips for employers:

1. Change Management: This is making sure that people know that changes are coming ahead of time and have time to adapt. If employers fail to change manage, it creates upset employees. Upset employees are likely to reach out to an employment lawyer. It’s important then that companies deal directly with their employees because once an employee goes to an employment lawyer, they might find other issues, contractual issues, and time issues that the employee never had considered before.

2. Employment Contracts: It’s important that employers have good employment contracts. Many employers are concerned about paying $2,000 for a contract but what they don’t realize is that it often saves them thousands of dollars in the long run. If you have a bad contract or no contract with your employee, the average you have to pay out is $40 to $50,000. If there’s a claim, it can be as low as 3 to $4,000 per claim if you have a good contract. The most important thing an employer can do is to make sure that their contract and documents are 100% solid. If you have a well-drafted contract it means that you’re going to have to pay out less if there’s any claim against you. It protects you in the future, and it saves a lot of money over time rather than costing money.

3. Employment Standards Act: It’s important for employers to consider all of their practices – even an audit wouldn’t be too much to make sure they’re in compliance. The vast majority of workplaces aren’t in compliance with employment standards, and if you aren’t in compliance it leads to a lot of costs later on. Only an employment lawyer coming in and looking through all of your documents can make sure if you’re really doing things right in compliance with the Employment Standards Act.

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