Illumiti Class Action – Employee Misclassification

On June 30, 2020 Monkhouse Law initiated a proposed $7.5 million class action against Illumiti Inc. Illumiti is a temporary help services firm that provides workers to client firms implementing System Applications and Products (“SAP”) software. Illumiti has been operating for the past 20 years and provides workers to client firms in a wide range of industries including construction, paper and packaging, manufacturing, mining and others. 

Illumiti chronically misclassified their workers as independent contractors and did not have a system in place to compensate for public holiday, vacation, and overtime pay. Illumiti also had some workers sign indemnity clauses to avoid financial responsibility. These are invalid and void because workers and employers are not permitted under law to contract out of the Employment Standards Act (ESA). Also contrary to the ESA, certain workers were restricted from entering into an employment relationship with the client companies. 

The statement of claim is available here.

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IMPORTANT – No action is required by employees to join this class action. In Ontario, class action lawsuits are an “opt out” system, so if this class action lawsuit is certified, all employees who fall under the class action definition will be members of the class unless they opt out.

Current or former Illumiti Contractors who have information that may assist the litigation should contact  Alexandra Monkhouse at

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