Spectrum Event Paramedical Class Action

On July 29, 2020, Monkhouse Law and Ross & McBride LLP started a proposed class action against Spectrum Event Paramedical Services (GP) inc. (herein “Spectrum”).

Spectrum primarily provides private ‘for hire’ paramedical services to events and locations.

Spectrum considered its workers to be independent contractors notwithstanding the strong controls over their performance of their services.

The company continued to consider their workers to be contractors rather than employees even after there was a finding by the Labour Board of Ontario that these types of workers were employees and not contractors, see: Spectrum Event Paramedical Services (GP) Inc. o/a Spectrum Event Medical Services LP v Samuel Sutton, 2019 CanLII 93810 (ON LRB).

Workers who were misclassified, if they were found to be employees by the court, could be owed:

  • Vacation pay (4-6% of wages);
  • Statutory Holiday Pay (~4% of wages);
  • CPP/EI benefits (~4% of wages);
  • Overtime pay for time worked over 44 hours a week;

The issued statement of claim is available here: SOC – Spectrum Services Issued

More Information:

Should you have any information regarding Spectrum, or if you are concerned about misclassification and unpaid overtime in your workplace please contact Alexandra Monkhouse at alexandra@monkhouselaw.com or phone to 416-907-9249 ext. 211.

Affected employees can keep up-to-date regarding the class action lawsuit by emailing alexandra@monkhouselaw.com or by filling in the form bellow