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Monkhouse Law will be posting informative videos on Employment Law below.

Will I end up doing better by hiring an Employment lawyer?

Introduction to Monkhouse Law

Why Monkhouse Law Specializes in Employment, Labour and Disability Insurance, and why you need an experienced negotiator on your side



Kevin Wisnicki: Tips for the suddenly unemployed

Samantha Lucifora – Introduction:

Wrongful Dismissal claims, Superior Court, and why hiring an employment lawyer is an important step in getting what is fair in order to negotiate a package.

Marijuana in the workplace post-legalization:

How do Employment Insurance (EI) and Wrongful dismissal interact?

Busayo Faderin – Introduction:

Writing an effective resignation letter

Holiday Parties and Workplace Events

Human Rights Issues in Employment Law

Long Term Disability Insurance, how Employees can make sure to retain their benefits

Stephen LeMesurier – Introduction:

Unjust Dismissal for Federal Employees – Requests for Reinstatement

What the difference is between Severance Pay, Termination Pay,
and Reasonable notice

How to look at your Severance package

Workplace Harassment And Bullying

Inducement, what if I am hired away then terminated?

Stephen LeMesurier on Releases

What is Constructive Dismissal?

What is Mitigation:

Long Term Disability Insurance:

Samantha Lucifora: How to analyze an employment letter for a terminated employee

Resigning, what to do and what not to do.

Layoff v. Termination and what employees are owed

Federally vs. Provincially Regulated Employees, what it means for you

The Law Surrounding Fixed Term Employment Contracts

Kevin Wisnicki – Introduction:

Wrongful Dismissal and Just Cause, Standard for Cause and Dismissals

Samantha Lucifora: For Employees: What to consider when reviewing a contract

What is frustration of Contract?

Busayo Faderin: Discipline in the Workplace:

Miguel Mangalindan – Introduction

What Severance am I owed?

Stephen LeMesurier – Employees vs. Contractors in Law

For companies: What to do when you receive a demand letter from a past employee

Constructive dismissal, what should you do?

Maternity and Parental Leave in Ontario

Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses


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