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About Monkhouse Law 

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Basics on LTD Insurance

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What is Constructive Dismissal?

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Frustration of Contract

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What are Termination Pay, Severance Pay and Notice?

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Bullying in the Workplace

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Human Rights Issues

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Maternity and Parental Leave Ontario

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What You Should Do If You’ve Been Constructively Dismissed

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Resignation Letter Contents

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Unjust Dismissal


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What Is Just Cause When Terminated?

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Employment Insurance

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How To Look At Your Severance Package

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What Are Fixed Term Contracts?

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Non-Competition and Non-Solicitation Clauses Canada

Layoff v. Termination and what am I owed?

Federally vs Provincially Regulated Employees

Will a Lawyer Cost More Than What I Will Get From a Severance Package?

Discipline in the Workplace

Demand Letter from Past Employee

When Terminated Employes are Owed Bonuses

Superior Court Claims

Severance: What am I owed?

Employment Contract

Contract Review


Unexpected Unemployment

Retirement Employment Law Issues

Are a Contractor or Employee?

Inducement from Employment

Ontario Overtime Laws

Analyzing a Termination Letter

Releases Upon Termination

What if Long Term Disability is terminated?

Why Employment Agreements Are Important

How Do I Terminate An Employee? Tips For Employers

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