Workforce and SOS Unpaid Training Class Action

Monkhouse Law has filed for an order to certify a class action lawsuit against Workforce Inc. (“Workforce”) and SOS (Sudbury) Inc. (“SOS”) for unpaid wages because of their systemic practice of not paying their employees for mandatory training. 

This employee class action lawsuit alleges that Workforce and SOS’ practice of not paying their employees for training is in violation of employment standards. 

The Statement of Claim was issued on September 29, 2021.
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IMPORTANT – No action is required by employees to join this class action. In Ontario, class action lawsuits are an “opt out” system, so if this class action lawsuit is certified, all employees who fall under the class action definition will be members of the class unless they opt out. 

Unpaid Training 

Under Employment Standards legislation, time spent in training that is required by the employer or the law as a condition of employment will be considered working time. If the training is necessary for the performance of the employee’s job and is required by the employer as a condition of employment, it is considered “working time” that must be compensated. 

It is alleged that Workforce and SOS systemically require their employees to complete training which is unpaid. Workforce and SOS’ policy of requiring employees to undergo significant amounts of training without being paid, or sometimes even requiring the employee to pay out of pocket for this training, is contrary to employment standards. If it was proven in court that Workforce and SOS were requiring their employees to complete mandatory unpaid training, employees may be entitled to compensation for same. 

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Current or former employees of WORKFORCE INC. and SOS (SUDBURY) INC. in Canada, since 2012 who are owed unpaid wages as a result of unpaid training by the Defendants, may be included in this class action. 

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