Employment Insurance Lawyer

Employment insurance can be complex and confusing. It is often difficult to know what you are entitled to, and how you can best represent yourself to the government in order to get the maximum employment insurance coverage you deserve.

On top of this, many people applying for Employment Insurance do not realize that they, in fact, have a claim against their employer and that this claim should be pursued prior to applying for Employment Insurance.

How do Employment Insurance (EI) and Wrongful dismissal interact?

When employees are terminated, they are generally entitled to reasonable notice. Since most employers prefer to not give notice, this comes in the form of severance pay or pay in lieu of notice. The amount that is appropriate is dependent on many factors.

The general rule is that if you receive less than one month of pay for every year you worked for your employer, then you should contact an employment lawyer to see if you have a claim against your employer. All of these factors could affect your Employment Insurance entitlement.

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