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Human Rights Issues, despite legislative evolution, are still a prominent issue in the modern workplace. While an employer is required to maintain workplace harassment and violence policies in accordance with “Bill 168”, the actual implementation of such policies is often what is an issue. Even employers with developed human rights and violence and harassment policies are still susceptible to violations of human rights legislation, given the prominence of unidentified or unnoticed discrimination.

It is crucial that employers enforce workplace harassment and violence policies and strive to protect disadvantaged groups. However, success in this regard is not always achieved, which is where an Employment Lawyer comes into play, and a civil claim or human rights complaint is considered. See our articles on human rights issues within the workplace and specifically gender identity.

Many human rights issues now centre around ‘invisible disabilities’ which cause an employer to treat someone differently such as:

-Learning Disabilities such as dyslexia, ADD, ADHD among others;
-Sleep Apnea and other disabilities that affect cognitive reasoning;
-Stress and Anxiety disorders;
-Addiction including alcohol, drug, gambling, and sex addiction among others;
-Multi-scent sensitivity;

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To know if you have a reasonable claim regarding your treatment and how it relates to a human rights ground you should contact an Employment Lawyer at Monkhouse Law today.

Monkhouse Law can assist, whether you decide to proceed with a complaint before the Human Rights Tribunal or a claim before the civil courts, comprised of both wrongful dismissal damages and general damages for human rights violations.

A very high percentage of self-represented persons are unsuccessful in their human rights complaints, which is why it is important to contact Monkhouse Law and hire a Human Rights Lawyer.

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