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Monkhouse Law is a truly Canadian law firm. We help our clients achieve their ambitions in today’s challenging employment market.

Serving employees, independent contractors and employers, our employment lawyers at Monkhouse Law strive to get the optimal results for you through skilled advocacy and thorough research on each matter.

Monkhouse Law was founded by Andrew Monkhouse. Today, Monkhouse Law has 10 employment lawyers and 15 law clerks and support staff.

Our Employment Lawyers Provide Comprehensive Legal Services

We provide comprehensive legal services with an emphasis on wrongful terminations, workplace bullying, policy drafting, employment law, termination of employment, employee rights, job dismissals, termination letters, constructive dismissal, unjust dismissal and termination notice periods.

We are highly knowledgeable in both Canadian Employment Law and Ontario Employment Law. Our primary goal is to achieve the highest level of client satisfaction by providing excellent client services and fighting for your rights.

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Monkhouse Law is Canada’s Top Growing Law Firm for 2019


Monkhouse Law is one of Canada’s Top Growing Companies: The Globe and Mail’s Report on Business published September 27, 2019.

Read how Monkhouse Law is top growing law firm for 2019: The Globe and Mail’s ROB in Business Insider, October 1st, 2019.

Our offices are conveniently located downtown Toronto at the Bay and Wellington intersection at 220 Bay Street, Suite 900. If you need an experienced employment lawyer to assist you with your matter, please contact us today for a free 30 minute consultation over the phone with one of our legal professionals.

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