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At Monkhouse Law, we are experienced in federal employment matters. We have extensive experience representing bank employees.

A majority of employment law matters center around provincial legislation, specifically in Ontario the Employment Standards Act, 2000 which most employees are familiar with, even if in a limited sense.

However for federally regulated employees-employees in the banking, transportation and government sector, to name a few, the Canada Labour Code (R.S.C., 1985, c. L-2)-effectively the federal equivalent of the Employment Standards Act, 2000– provides a set of rules by which federal employees can determine their entitlement to severance, benefits, and associated employment entitlements.

In regards to minimum notice, the Canada Labour Code provides that employees of three to twelve months’ tenure are eligible for 2 weeks’ notice upon termination, and employees exceeding twelve months’ tenure are eligible for the following: two days wages per year of employment and five days wages at the regular rate for employees of 12 months or more.

Minimums only a starting point

However, like the Employment Standards Act, 2000, this is only the ‘minimum’ notice and is not intended to limit tenured or senior employees’ entitlements upon termination. Common law notice, even in the case of a federal employee, will apply and will depend on the Bardal factors (Age, tenure, position, skillset) as established in Bardal v. Globe & Mail Ltd. [1960], O.J. No. 149 (Ont. H.C.J.)

Unjust Dismissal for Federal Employees – Requests for Reinstatement

There are some key differences between the Canada Labour Code and Employment Standards Act, 2000, however. The Canada Labour Code contains what is called a ‘right to reinstatement’ for employees of twelve months or longer, as provided in section 240. This is why it is important to visit an employment lawyer in the event you are wrongfully dismissed so that you know which of your options is better as the decision to go with the courts, or an adjudicator, must be done quickly (within 90 days of termination).

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