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We are Employment Lawyers in Toronto who offer a free consultation. Call Monkhouse Law Employment Lawyers at (416) 907-9249 for a free no-obligation 30 minute consultation.

If you’re in a situation where you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to get legal counsel before the situation escalates or you say or do something you may regret. We have numerous court cases where we have prevailed in getting employees the compensation they deserve in wrongful termination cases.

In the 30 minute free consultation, we can assist you with the best direction to go with any of the following issues pertaining to Ontario Employment Laws and Canadian Employment Laws:

  • Wrongful Dismissal: without cause, without adequate notice, or accusations of just cause
  • Constructive Dismissal: Representation and litigation for involuntary resignations
  • Unjust Dismissal of Federally Regulated Employees: Termination without cause and reinstatement
  • Severance Package Review: How to make sure you’re getting a fair severance package from your employer
  • Temporary Layoffs: Review of temporary layoff clauses and temporary terminations
  • Disability Insurance: Review policies and advise on the best course of action
  • Human Rights Lawyer: Violation issues and discrimination in the workplace
  • Employment Contracts: Review, draft and negotiate employment agreements
  • Non-Competition Clauses and Non-Solicitation Clauses: Contracts are very technical, and you need legal advice to avoid a potentially much more expensive lawsuit.
  • Anything related to your role as an employee whether provincially or federally regulated

If you have been mistreated at work or have recently been terminated, we understand the stress and difficulties of asserting your legal rights. Many employees attempt to negotiate their employment matters on their own before involving an employment lawyer; however, you may not see all the areas for improvement and may say or do things that negatively affect your potential claim.

Please fill out the form below for a free consultation to see how we can assist you. Our mission is to protect the rights of employees and independent contractors.

Some people believe they cannot afford a lawyer or compete with their employer, but the best way to protect your rights is to seek advice from legal counsel who specializes in employment law to know what your rights are and how to deal with the situation to resolve it in the best way possible.

Call us for a confidential 30 minute free consultation at 416-907-9249 or submit a callback request.

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    Call us for a free 30 minute phone consultation at 416-907-9249 or submit a callback request. We endeavor to phone you back once we have reviewed the information, calls will be Monday to Friday between 9:00 AM and 5:00 PM: