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There are two types of disability benefits you could be entitled to if you suffer from Chronic Pain Syndrome or Fibromyalgia:

1.    CPP Disability Benefits
You are eligible for this if you have worked for at least four (4) out of the past six (6) years, and paid payroll taxes. These disability benefits pay a monthly benefit up to the age of 65, after 65, it converts to a regular pension.

2.    LTD Disability Insurance Benefits
If you had group medical benefits and LTD disability insurance benefits through work, then you can apply by filling out an application or claim directly with your insurance company.

The Challenges of Winning LTD Benefits for Chronic Pain Sufferers

Fibromyalgia commonly affects people over the age of forty (40) and is widely seen as a form of chronic widespread pain. The challenge for those suffering from Fibromyalgia in the workforce is the gradual loss of ability to work overtime. The symptoms associated with the disease include chronic pain, depression, lack of sleep, fatigue, and brain fog. These symptoms, especially in concert, can be very disabling, and as they worsen over time, it can often be difficult for sufferers to continue to work.

Chronic Pain Syndrome begins with an acute injury or illness. It eventually develops into the combination of chronic pain and secondary complications from a previous acute injury or illness that makes the original pain worse. The challenge for those suffering from Chronic Pain Syndrome is the development of common problems over time that becomes harder and harder to cope with. Many people with Chronic Pain Syndrome stop working due to a combination of symptoms such as guilt, fear, irritability, anxiety and depression.

There is no definitive medical test that can verify the degree to which sufferers have either disease, however, doctors are able to diagnose chronic pain sufferers based on a physical exam. This is the challenge chronic pain sufferers will inevitably face. As the disease is subjective to the person, a Fibromyalgia or a Chronic Pain Syndrome diagnosis, unfortunately, does not always automatically result in an approval of LTD benefits.

Not everyone with Fibromyalgia or Chronic Pain Syndrome suffer from the same degree of pain. Some sufferers have manageable symptoms and are still able to function in the workplace. Others have debilitating pain and are unable to work. The latter falls under a smaller umbrella of chronic pain sufferers, and it is up to them to prove that they are legitimately disabled and therefore eligible for LTD benefits.

Are You a Chronic Pain Sufferer?

If you are a chronic pain sufferer who has applied for LTD benefits and has been denied, please contact us today.

Being honest and legitimately disabled from work is often not enough to win the approval of LTD or to win payment of disability benefits. You will often require the assistance of an experienced long term disability insurance counsel to obtain the compensation you deserve.

Some insurance companies may lead you to believe that you do not have any options once your claim has been denied. If this has happened to you, contact us today.

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