Solar Brokers Canada – Misclassification Class Action

The certified class action alleges that Solar Brokers misclassified a substantial portion of their workforce as contractors when they ought to have been classified as employees, they also systemically pushed the workers to work uncompensated overtime.

Relevant Documents:

The notice to the class regarding the action and opting out  can be found here


The class has been certified as a class action, the opt-out period ended on February 26, 2020.

The corporate defendant was noted in default on April 26, 2021.

A timetable has been set in this matter and the court endorsement is available here.

Information about the Class Action:

Should you have any information regarding Solar Brokers, or if you are concerned about misclassification and unpaid overtime in your workplace please contact Alexandra Monkhouse at or phone to 416-907-9249 ext. 211.

Affected employees can keep up-to-date regarding the misclassification lawsuit by completing the form below: