Federal Minimum Wage Rising To $17.30 Per Hour on April 1, 2024

On April 1, 2024, the minimum wage for federally regulated workers in Canada increased to $17.30 per hour.

Federally regulated workers are generally not subject to provincial laws. In Ontario, for example, the employment rights of Federal workers fall under the Canada Labour Code, instead of the Ontario Employment Standards Act, 2000.

History of Minimum Wage for Federally Regulated Workers

Historically, it was determined that provincial labour standards laws did not apply to federally regulated employees. However, two hard-fought cases were determined at the Supreme Court in both 1966 (Commission du Salaire Minimum v Bell Telephone Company of
Canada, 1966 SCR 767 ) and 1988, (Bell Canada v Quebec (Commission de la Santé et de la
Sécurité du Travail), 1988 1 SCR 749 ). Bell Canada fought not to have a minimum wage affect federal workers and won. Because the Federal government did not have an implemented minimum wage rate, that meant there was none. However, the Canadian Federal government stepped in and enacted the argument they had made in the Bell Canada cases, that federally regulated workers within each Province would be subject to the minimum wage within that province.

Current Minimum Wage for Federally Regulated Workers

Today this provision is included in the Canada Labour Code (the “CLC”) itself, specifically ss. 178(1) and 178(2), which mandates that federally regulated employees shall be paid no less than the set minimum wage rate determined in accordance with s. 178.1. However, if the province where the employee is usually employed has a higher minimum wage rate than what is federally mandated, the employer shall pay the higher minimum rate, regardless if it is calculated hourly or on any other basis of time. 

Therefore, the current law is very clear that federally regulated workers now have their own unique calculation of minimum wage rates that is separate from the provincially regulated minimum wage rates unless the province in which the federal worker usually works has a higher minimum wage rate than what is federally mandated, wherein they would be subject to the provincial rates. Nonetheless, no federally regulated worker should be earning less than $17.30 per hour.

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