VIB Event Staffing Inc. Class Action – Employee Misclassification

On July 6, 2020 Monkhouse Law started a proposed class action against VIB Event Staffing Inc. and its director. 

The lawsuit alleges that VIB Event Staffing Inc. intentionally misclassified its workforce as independent contractors, systematically underpaid staff for hours worked and failed to compensate at a rate equal to minimum wage. 

If considered employees under employment law, workers would then be owed unpaid wages, vacation pay, holiday pay, overtime pay and other minimum benefits.

The issued Statement of Claim is available here: VIB Event Staffing – Statement of Claim

More Information:

Should you have any information regarding VIB Event Staffing, or if you are concerned about misclassification and unpaid overtime in your workplace please contact Alexandra Monkhouse at or phone to 416-907-9249 ext. 211. 

Affected employees can keep up-to-date regarding the misclassification lawsuit by completing the form below: